Sunday, 19 March 2017

Movie Review - The Door To The Other Side

The Door To The Other Side


JaBeep Films / 4Digital Media

7.25 / 10

Door to the Other Side Poster

I love films like this that surprise me with their originality and filmmaking.  Though this is a budget film the director, Norman Lesperance, does an absolutely wonderful job of creating a decent horror movie.

Tim played wonderfully by Mitch Holden, is an agoraphobic unable to leave his home and hardly speaks to people and is nearly incapable of acting and reacting to people.  Thanks to his neighbours Tim and Joan, nicely portrayed by Nicholas Bianchi (who wrote the script) and Chelsea Gilligan respectively, he is slowly coerced out of his reclusive lifestyle.

As time passes, we begin to see that not only is the house where a supernatural event occurred but it affected his wife and daughter; his wife died and his daughter ran away.  There are secrets and surprises abound as the audience learns about power residing in the house and what it's capable of.

This is a very well acted strong story of supernatural and paranormal incidents that adds to both haunted house and possession mythologies.

This is not a fast action packed CGI special effects laden venture.  It is an atmospheric and unnerving affair that makes you think.

This is definitely a film to watch with the lights on low while wrapped up in your lover's arms.

If you've watched The Haunting Of Hill House and enjoyed it then you will probably like this film too.

A nice eerie film.

This Trailer Does Nothing For The Film - It's Much MUCH Better Than This Trailer Implies.


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